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With decades of performing as both a band member and a solo artist, Dan has played in several bands from Oldies, Rock & Roll, Country Rock, to old time Country. Dan combines a mix of oldies, classic rock, and top 40 country hits for the events.

Dan has a variety of artists, songs and styles that brings energy to every performance, making your event a success.

Classic Country Influences 

- Johnny Cash

- Buck Owens

- Merle Haggard 

- Willie Nelson 

- Waylon Jennings 

- Hank Williams Jr.

  & Many more!

Classic Rock Influences 

- Steve Ray Vaughn

- Creedence

-  Rolling Stones

- Leonard Skynard 

- America

 & Many more!

Top 40 Country Influences 

- Dwight Yoakum

- Sturgill Simpson

- Chris Stapleton

- Kenny Chesney 

 & Many more!

Golden Oldies Influences

- Elvis

- Buddy holly

- Tommy James

- Everly Brothers 

- Bobby vee 

 & Many more!

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